Our Favorite Affiliate Programs

If you want to make money online & you don’t have a product or service to offer, team up with someone/a company who is crushing it and become an affiliate partner. Every time you share info about that company & someone signs up- you get paid. I did that until I created my own offers. I made at least $4k a month doing that when I first started. Let’s start a list of our favorite affiliate programs in the comments?

VIRAL MARKETING STARS: SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING: They teach you all about mastering hashtags, DIY Social media designs and content planning, they’ll even give you 30 days worth of viral content planning, it’s super cool.

PIXISTOCK: For the girly business savvy. I’m in so much love with the variety of images available to female business owners. Plus I love the site because they provide tons of tools that’ll help you really get some organization around your social media marketing and business templates to help with packaging.

BLUCHIC: Need a BEAUTIFUL website, but without tons of money to spend on one? Here’s the place that I send everyone, because it’s easy to install and fill in the blanks. Plus if you purchase from our link, we install the site for you at 60% off.

BIZ SISTER: I LOVE all things Amber C! If you want to jump into the world of course creation, ebooks, workshops, journals, and planners- never start from scratch when you download Biz Sisters templates.

GSUITE: @Gmail.com is so unprofessional, however, their GSUITE/WORKSPACE is amazing for any and all organizations. From getting your @domain.com email accounts set up to organizing your calendar, I highly recommend this company.

& If you are looking to partner up with a winning team, consider joining CBM as an affiliate partner, sharing our web design and digital marketing services. Apply here.

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